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Digi-Net Technologies, Inc., a private company founded in 1999, is headquartered in Gainesville, Florida. The focus of Digi-Net’s products and services are to develop products that “breathe life into the Web.” As a technology provider of Web-based communications solutions, Digi-Net strongly advocates an Internet landscape where interaction and communication much more closely mimic those interactions in the real world.

Digi-Net has developed software products that introduce the human factor into the Web experience. Instead of one-way, static communication between the Web site and visitor, Digi-Net’s technology provides for a live, dynamic environment that facilitates communication and relationship building between the people visiting the Web sites.

With aspirations of becoming America’s next great technology company, Digi-Net was recently recognized as Florida’s fastest growing private technology company (by the University of Florida’s annual “Florida 100 Survey” of the state’s fastest growing private companies). The management team and supporting cast combined with the key technologies to make that goal a reality are all currently in place. Today, Digi-Net has approximately fifty (50) employees in Gainesville, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.


Digi-Net develops and markets its software and services to two major market segments: electronic commerce and community building.


Groopz™is Digi-Net’s flagship product. Groopz allows online merchants and eBusinesses to provide real-time sales assistance and customer support through text messaging (chat), co-browsing and other technologies. Groopz allows them to intelligently qualify those whom are most likely to purchase a product or service and proactively offer them a “digital handshake.” The Digital Handshake™ allows an e-merchant to approach a potential customer though the Web in much the same way that a traditional salesperson would approach a potential customer in a brick-and-mortar store. By bridging the gap between how sales are traditionally done and implementing that style to the Web, Groopz empowers e-Businesses to do significantly more business and aggressively go out and pursue customers. Groopz is the only software on the market with these groundbreaking capabilities and the results speak for themselves: Sites using the proactive Groopz sales technology have seen sales revenue and customer acquisition rate increases of seventy-five percent (75%) and more!

Community and Messaging

DigiChat AV Enterprise™ is the single most significant advance in Java chat technology in quite some time. By combining everything you've come to expect from previous versions of DigiChat, substantial enhancements to the core feature set, plus the addition of voice and video, AV easily closes the door on competing technologies and surpasses the capabilities of all of today's popular IM products such as AIM and ICQ. With over ten thousand site licenses sold to date, DigiChat is the clear technology and market-share leader. Clients include organizations such as Lycos, BellSouth, Harvard University, Lucent Technologies, Sun Microsystems, John Hopkins, IBM, Maxim Magazine and many professional sports teams.

DigiChat AV/IM Enterprise™ is an established leader in the real-time messaging industry. Thousands of top companies depend on Digi-Net for their Internet messaging needs and the addition of DigiChat AV/IM to the desktop can quickly build a persistent community. With DigiChat AV/IM, Web developers can easily utilize our fully brandable locally installable application (just like consumer focused IM products such as AIM™ or MSN Messenger™). DigiChat AV/IM is the complete solution for a company’s messaging needs.

Hubz™ is the Internet’s first truly Web-based instant messaging solution. The Hubz instant messaging technology can turn every Web page on a website into a "walkie-talkie" (for the first time allowing users to see all other users who are sharing a page with them, and send them instant messages). Hubz dramatically expands the functionality of the Web by allowing real-time, two-way communication between Web surfers without special plug-ins or client-side software. Hubz increases the "stickiness" of your Web site by filling a vital role as a very powerful community-building tool. Hubz fundamentally changes the nature of your visitor's experience by leveraging the power and ubiquity of instant messaging and marrying it with the website motif.

DigiPosts™ is Digi-Net’s asynchronous collaboration discussion software. With full Web-based message board and integrated mailing list (listserv) capabilities, DigiPosts is the first software to take the two most popular Internet communication motifs: the Web and electronic mail and combine them to allow people to collaborate and interact seamlessly through either medium. DigiPosts can be used in corporate intranets, extranets, or anywhere where groups with similar interests need to communicate and interact regardless of platform or access tool.

Rooms™ is the flagship product of GlobalChat, Inc., which was recently acquired by Digi-Net. GlobalChat, formerly iChat, was one of the leading providers of online communications and collaboration solutions. Rooms is an extremely flexible, scalable and customizable solution for live, online moderated events. It is also multimedia ready, offering full support for sound, video, VRML content and most standard plug-ins. Implementing a product such as Rooms has proven to increase customer traffic, build user loyalty and generate revenue.

The Visionary

Robert Parker, Chief Executive Officer and President, is the leader and visionary of Digi-Net. As the company’s founder, he realized very early on that the most essential missing piece of the emerging Internet medium was the people. While at the University of Florida, he conceived of a company whose focus would be to connect people to other people, using the Internet as a communications tool, not as an end in of itself.

In its infancy, Digi-Net started with the simple goal of breathing life into the Web. In a relatively short period of time, Parker has taken Digi-Net and grown it into one of the leading Internet software development companies in the industry, leaving many much larger competitors playing catch up.

Through the Internet boom (and bust), Parker has kept Digi-Net ahead of the competition by continuously developing products that answer the needs of businesses and organizations trying to more efficiently utilize the Internet. Digi-Net has achieved extremely high growth rates under Parker, all without sacrificing profitability, further enhancing Digi-Net’s market-leading position.

A true visionary, Parker’s search for the next great innovation never wanes or slows. This endless search and drive to succeed has made Digi-Net an industry innovator and leader. Parker, a frequent motivational and guest speaker, is a true inspiration to entrepreneurs who wish to take full advantage of the American spirit of ingenuity, hard work and opportunity.

Driven by imagination, talent and the mission to become America’s next great technology company, Digi-Net Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to providing the most complete set of solutions for boundary-less interaction on the Internet.

For more information, please visit our corporate web site at http://www.digi-net.com or contact our Corporate Media Relations Manager, Russell Garabelis (garabelis@digi-net.com), at (770) 391-1530.

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