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Groopz E-Commerce™ is Digi-Net's flagship product. By bridging the gap between how sales are traditionally done and implementing that style to the Web, Groopz empowers e-Businesses to do significantly more business and aggressively go out and pursue customers! Groopz is the only software on the market with these groundbreaking capabilities and the results speak for themselves: Sites using the proactive Groopz sales and customer service technology have seen sales revenue and customer acquisition rate increases of seventy-five percent (75%) and more!

According to a study conducted by Forrester research, ninety percent (90%) of Internet shoppers list good customer service as a vital component when choosing a web merchant. Also, a study conducted by the Gartner Group found that seventy percent (70%) of online shoppers will not purchase until they have interacted with a human.

Groopz E-Commerce addresses those issues and turns browsers into buyers!


Monitor Site Visitors - Allows sales representatives to monitor visitors to their site in real-time as they browse the web site.
Proactivity - Allows sales representatives to proactively contact and engage site visitors through an instant message and offer them a 'Digital Handshake™', much like how customers are greeted in traditional (physical) storefronts.
Live Customer Assistance - Customers can immediately get answers to their questions when they most need assistance, instead of waiting for an e-mail reply.
LeadScan CQT™ (Customer Qualifier Technology) - The LeadScan CQT technology allows an eStore to qualify visitors to their site in real-time utilizing our customizable (A.I.) qualification engine. Identify visitors most likely to make a purchase on your site, or those most likely to leave your site dissatisfied and intervene before it's too late. You can set specific filters to identify qualified prospects based on any number of behavioral, business and demographic criteria.
Intelligent Call Routing - Through your own sets of criteria, calls can be automatically routed to the most qualified and/or available representative to answer the 'call'.
Customer Profile and Storage - Representatives can create profiles for each site visitor as they gain information about the visitor. Profiles can either be stored in an existing database application or internally through the Groopz application.
Path Records - Monitor and view the path a user takes through your site in real-time.
Push Content to Visitors - Reps can push any web-accessible content to visitors, which include text, images, videos, documents, applications, files or full HTML pages.
Security - Each Groopz message is encrypted providing full 128-bit SSL encryption.
Referral Information - Reps can capture the last site visited prior to the Groopz site.
Transcript Access - Administrators and reps can review past transcripts for training purposes or to recall certain customer conversations.
Scalable, Fault Tolerant Distributed Server - The Groopz server can be configured to function across multiple machines resulting in increased scalability and availability.
Multiple Server Monitoring - A single representative can monitor several sites simultaneously.
Customizable Interface Skins - The Groopz interface can be customized to exactly match the look and feel of your web site.
Automatic Software Updates - Groopz clients receive instant updates as new versions become available.

For more information, please visit the Groopz Web site or contact our Corporate Media Relations Manager, Russell Garabelis at (770) 391-1530.

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