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Rooms is the flagship product of GlobalChat, Inc., which was recently acquired by Digi-Net. GlobalChat, formerly iChat, was one of the leading providers of online communications and collaboration solutions. Rooms is an extremely flexible, scalable and customizable solution for live, online moderated events. It is also multimedia ready, offering full support for sound, video, VRML content and most standard plug-ins. Implementing a product such as Rooms has proven to increase customer traffic, build user loyalty and generate revenue. Rooms can be easily integrated into an existing network regardless of platform.


Easily Integratable - Rooms can easily integrate into existing user authentication systems, video, sound and other Web applications. The open architecture of Rooms allows for unlimited possibilities.
Customizable Interface - The interface can be easily customized because Rooms uses common Web development languages to develop a seamless chat interface.
Highly Scalable - With Rooms' distributed architecture, it can easily support tens of thousands of concurrent users in several chat rooms or one giant event.
Browser Integration - Rooms allows for the browser to display both the site's content and a real-time, ongoing chat session with site representatives and visitors.
Complete Administrative Control - Administrators can control user access, moderate large-scale chat events, and even automatically filter out unwanted language.
Multiple Client Options - Rooms allows a choice among five feature-rich clients - Active X, Java Heavy, Java Lite, Java Lite (firewall) and HTML.
Online Event Support - Rooms includes extensive event support, allowing your organization to host events such as celebrity chats, group presentations, and guided Web tours.
No Downloads required - With the Java client and Java Light, there's no need to download a plug-in or any additional software.
File Transfer Support - Allows administrators to develop and apply custom themes and skins to DigiChat to match site look and feel.
Cross-Platform Support - With support across most platforms and browsers, ROOMS offers a solution for multiple environments.
Servlet Support - ROOMS supports server-side plug-ins allowing administrators to quickly and easily add new functionality.
Firewall Compatibility - ROOMS is fully functional through corporate firewalls with our tunneling chat clients.
Product License Key - License key is no longer based on the server's hostid, allowing movement of the software from one server to another
Easy Setup and Maintenance - Web administrators can ROOMS-enable a Web site or intranet quickly and easily. Since administration takes place through a standard browser interface, ROOMS can be managed from anywhere on the Internet.
Language Filter - ROOMS can instantly screen, replace, or eliminate profanity or other unwanted language. The Language Filter can be customized to function according to your requirements.
Automated Logs - Administrators have easy access to detailed conversation, server status, and configuration-setting logs, which can be modified remotely via a simple HTML interface.
BOT development and incorporation - BOTS can be incorporated to educate and entertain users, conduct Web site tours, provide technical support, and assist with community management.

For more information, please visit the Rooms Web site or contact our Corporate Media Relations Manager, Russell Garabelis at (770) 391-1530.

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